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President's Day Tournament

Registration Opens Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

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MLK DAY Tournament @ Manassas Park Community Center!

MLK Day Futsal Tournament

Date: Monday, January 20th 2020

Fee $30 per player

Age Groups: FULL

30 minute games

Format: 6 v 6 (including keeper)

Modified Futsal Rules 

Please submit an email to with your total number of players if you are looking to have just one invoice created for your team!

Location: Manassas Park Community Center

99 Adams St, Manassas Park VA 20111

Boys U11 Schedule and Standings

U11 Standings GP W D L GF GA GD PTS
MSC Black
Sudakos 09
8:10am Field A 8:10am Field B 8:45am Field A 8:45am Field B
MSC v VRSA MSC Black v Sudakos MSC v Sudakos MSC Black v VRSA
10:30am Field A 10:30am Field B 11:40am Field A Final
MSC Black v MSC VRSA v Duran FC #1 v #2

Boys U12 Schedule and Standings

U12 Standings GP W D L GF GA GD PTS
Duran FC
9:20am Field A 9:20am Field B 9:55am Field A 9:55am Field B
MSC v Duran FC LMVSC v Cobras MSC v LMVSC Cobras v Duran FC
11:05am Field A 11:05am Field B 12:15pm Field A Final
MSC v Cobras LMVSC v Duran FC #1 v #2 Final

Girls U14 Schedules and Standings

Girls U13 Standings GP W D L GF GA GD PTS
Orange FC
Academy Door
11:40am Field B 12:15pm Field B 12:50pm Field A 12:50pm Field B
Orange FC v VRSA MSC v VRSA NVSC v Highlanders Orange FC v Academy Door
1:25pm Field A 1:25pm Field B 2pm Field A 2:35pm Field B
MSC v Academy Door NVSC v VRSA Orange FC v Highlanders NVSC v MSC
2:35pm Field A 3:45pm Field A Semi 1 3:45pm Field B Semi 2 4:55pm Field A Final
Highlanders v Academy Door #1 v #4 Semi 1 #2 v #3 Semi 2 Semi #1 W v Semi #2 W

Boys U14 Standings and Schedule

U14 Standings GP W D L GF GA GD PTS
Sudakos FC 06 A
Barca FC
The Defaults
Sudakos FC 06 B
2pm Field B 3:10pm Field A 3:10pm Field B
Sudakos FC 06 A v Barca FC MSC v Juventus Sudakos FC 06 B v The Defaults
4:20pm Field A 4:20pm Field B 4:55pm Field B
The Defaults v Sudakos FC 06 A Barca FC v Juventus MSC v Sudakos FC 06 B
5:30pm Field A 5:30pm Field B 6:05pm Field A
Sudakos FC 06 A v Juventus Sudakos FC 06 B v Barca FC MSC v The Defaults
6:40pm Field A Semi 1 6:40pm Field B Semi 2 7:15pm Field A Final
#1 v #4 #2 v #3 Semi #1 W v Semi #2 W

Standings Information

GP - Games Played

W - Wins

D - Draws

L - Loss

GF - Goals For

GA - Goals Against

GD - Goal Difference

PTS - Points

Win = 3pts / Draw = 1pt / Loss = 0pts

Tie breakers are decided by

Head to head - Goals for - Goals against - Shootout (3 players)


Karl Gibbons

Program Coordinator

Phone: 216-246-1969