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Travel Players Register Here

Proceed ONLY after an offer has been made! No Refunds Available! $2.50 late fee per day!

Teams Information

Travel Season:

Age Groups: Boys and Girls U9 - U18

Fall: August - November 

Winter: January - February

Spring: March - June

Training Program:

Teams will train 3 times per week during pre-season. 

Two practices will be held per week once the season begins. 

Private training and Keeper training available at an additional fee

Travel Players Register Here

Proceed ONLY after an offer has been made! No Refunds Available! $2.50 late fee per day!

Travel Teams Price Chart

Boys & Girls 2018 / 2019 Season Deposit + 3% CC Processing Fee 1st Installment - August 15th 2nd Installment - September 15th 3rd Installment - October 15th 4th Installment - November 15th 5th Installment - January 15th
U9 $1,200 $300 $180 $180 $180 $180 $180
U10 - U12 $1,300 $300 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200
U13 - U18 $1,450 $300 $230 $230 $230 $230 $230
Uniforms Fee $345

***monthly dues may vary pending uniforms fee***

Fees may vary for the 2019/2020 season because only NEW players will require uniforms.

Fees Include

- Training

- Coaching

- Travel leagues registration

- State travel player registration

- 1 Tournament per season

- 8 week winter training

- Uniforms: Home and Away

- Backpack

- Training gear

- Friendly games (most)

- Field rental and maintenance

- Lights Rental (Fall Season)

- No Refunds Available

Travel Players Register Here

Proceed ONLY after and offer has been made! No Refunds Available! $2.50 late fee per day!


Travel soccer is known to have a higher level of competitiveness than recreational soccer.  Any player considering making the jump to a travel team should be made aware of the following:

  • Teams are led by higher level/license coaches who are deemed to have the tools to manage/guide and bring the best out of players.
  • Travel soccer requires a high level of commitment.
  • Coaching demands are much higher as players are expected to execute more complex activities. 
  • Training sessions will focus on: technique, tactics, movement, coordination, finishing, game management, speed, agility and more.
  • Players will receive the most development trough training.
  • Players are expected to attend all training session.
  • Playing time is not guaranteed and players are expected to work hard at every training session to be considered for a starting position. 
  • Players looking to play in college and beyond should seriously consider joining a traveling team.
  • You will be required to try out and will be placed on a team according to ability.
  • Rules are generally more closely related to high school and college soccer in the older age groups.
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