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Your Manassas S.C. Lions would like to welcome everyone to our upcoming tryouts.  All interested players must pay a one time non-refundable $10 registration fee in order to take part in our tryouts. 

Good luck to all participants and welcome to our club!

Once Tryouts are completed, all players will be contacted via email or phone.  If you are offered a position on an MSC team, you will have 48 hours to make your commitment.  If your child is not offered a spot for a team, please contact us to join our Academy program to continue improving.

Please note that your prompt decision is very important.

Thanks and good luck to all our players!

2021 / 2022 SEASON

Starts: TBD

Boys Coaching Assignment


Boys U9 / 2012

Boys U10 / 2011

Boys U11 / 2010

Boys U12 / 2009

Boys U13 / 2008

Boys U14 / 2007

Boys U15 / 2006

Boys U16 / 2005

Boys U17-U18  / 2004-2003

Boys Schedule!

Boys U9 (20012) at 6pm Boys U13 (2008) at 6pm Boys U17/U18
Boys U10 (2011) at 6pm Boys U14 (2007) at 6pm (2004-2003)
at 7pm
Boys U11 (2010) at 7pm Boys U15 (2006) at 7pm
Boys U12 (2009) at 7pm Boys U16 (2005) at 7pm

Girls Coaching Assignment


Girls U10 / 2011

Girls U11 / 2010

Girls U12 / 2009 

Girls U13 / 2008

Girls U14 / 2007

Girls U15 / 2006

Girls Schedule!

Girls U9 (2012) at 6pm Girls U13 (2008) at 6pm Girls U17/U18
Girls U10 (2011) at 6pm Girls U14 (2007) at 6pm (2004-2003)
at 6pm
Girls U11 (2010) at 7pm Girls U15 (2006) at 7pm
Girls U12 (2009) at 7pm Girls U16 (2005) at 7pm


Phone: 216.246.1969

Location: Emmanuel Christian School: 8302 Spruce St, Manassas VA 20111